There are various different Anonymous operations.  If you are looking to help Anonymous or you require help yourself, please join Anonymous Chat.

#OpAfrica – Anonymous attacks government websites

Anonymous hackers have attacked Gabon government websites as part of #OpAfrica and #OpGabon in protest of the dictatorship in the country. Over 70 government...

Why are African governments criminalising online speech? Because they fear its power.

Students at Haromaya University in Ethiopia displaying a quasi-official anti-government gesture. Photo shared widely on social media. Africa’s landscape of online free speech and dissent...

Million Mask March – Amsterdam

Million Mask March Amsterdam - Impression We invite you to join us in Amsterdam on November the 5th, 2018. 13:00 GMT +1 (Dutch time)...

We are Anonymous: Message to UK government

Greetings citizens of the world, we are anonymous. Government of the United Kingdom, It has come to our attention, that despite our continued warnings, you...

Anonymous Million Mask March and #OpHomeless Denver

Video for Anonymous Million Mask March for Denver.  #OpHomeless - the homless can expect us also!

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